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Welcome. You Are Not Alone.

For more that sixty years, the Gamblers Anonymous Program has helped thousands of people to stop gambling and to go on to lead normal happy lives.

What Is Gamblers Anonymous?

Many of us came to Gamblers Anonymous when we realised that our will power alone hadn’t worked for us, BUT by being Honest, Open-minded and Willing, we discovered HOW following a simple program in our daily lives could free us from our gambling addiction, one day at a time.

If you’ve recently decided you need help with a gambling problem, or you know someone in need, you probably have a lot of questions. Hopefully you’ll find many of the answers here.

Maybe you’re unsure of whether you are a problem gambler. It only takes a few minutes to ask yourself these twenty questions to help you decide.

Coming together with others who have suffered from the same problem is the first step towards recovery and we encourage you to attend a local meeting. There you will find understanding people from all backgrounds and walks of life, who share their experience, strength and hope, and are ready to welcome you to G.A. You can find a local meeting here.

If you have further questions or need more help please contact us. We are a totally anonymous fellowship and anything you tell us is in complete confidence.

Find The Help You Need

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Questions & Answers about Compulsive Gambling and G.A.
Anonymity, Meetings & Belonging
Are You a Compulsive Gambler?
Find Gamblers Anonymous meetings near you.

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Western Washington Telephone Hotline:
The Western Washington Intergroup of Gamblers Anonymous operates a local telephone hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help anyone with a gambling problem or anyone interested in helping someone else with a gambling problem.  The number is:
(855) 222-5542
A member of Gamblers Anonymous will answer your call – someone who fully understands the problem of compulsive gambling. Please note that this is NOT a crisis hotline.
National Telephone Hotline (24/7 Toll-Free)
855-2CALLGA  /  (855) 222-5542
This number will give you information for the meetings in the area code of the phone being used.
Any questions?  Get In Touch

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